The wonders of the Christian world

The wonders of the Christian world

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In their January 2014 issue, the Science & Life Notebooks present us a selection of the most beautiful masterpieces of architecture and religious art. A frolic of buildings and works of art, each more impressive than the next, from Saint Peter in Rome to Westminster Abbey via Mont Saint Michel.

Arouse emotion to bring common people closer to the sacred ... Christianity too, very early on linked “believing and seeing”. Illuminate the spirits so that they go (...) towards the true light, said Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, to whom we owe the first cathedral. And despite the sometimes violent crises that have struck it, Christian art has constantly been renewed through architecture and image, a veritable melting pot of styles and innovative techniques. The worship of beauty has sometimes even taken precedence over the sense of mystery ...

This fruitful relationship between the Christian Church and art, the Cahiers Science et Vie wanted to retrace its history and illustrate it through some of its most prodigious wonders. Rather than establishing a classification, choosing between Chagall and Michel-Ange, Mont-Saint-Michel versus Saint-Pierre in Rome, they wanted to explain why and how they too make such a strong impression. They have chosen to choose buildings and works of art, excluding cities and sites, with the exception of the secret Vatican archives whose treasures are finally revealed to the public.

The wonders of the Christian world. Cahiers Science et Vie, January 2014.

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